I’m a strong believer that cultural exports are ambassadors, that they provide us possible gateways to a people and their stories. This world of ours demands globalization be met at pace by xenophobia, and also inundates us with more movies and television than we can handle. For the messages of these ambassadors to arrive well, sometimes they, too, need ambassadors. I’ve been thinking about the use of media criticism for a long time, and in my experience, analyzing and explicating the themes of a work can help others see what was missed. If those themes jumped out to me, they may be of interest to someone else, and in this way, an introduction can be made. So many of my current obsessions came from introductions like these, and it’s the mission of With Eyes East to make Asian culture your obsession.

My name is Harrison Chute, and I’m Korean-American and a Red Velvet stan. I do a podcast called Questions: We Don’t Have Answers with DC Universe writer Donovan Morgan Grant about social issues, and formerly, hosted a YouTube channel called Bagels After Midnight, all about the “hit” TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

You can shoot me full of an email at witheyeseast@gmail.com.