COVID India Relief

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From the GiveIndia website:

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the shape of a disaster for the poor. The lockdown has left daily wage labourers unemployed and rendered homeless. The poor are in need of ration and also hygiene kits to keep themselves secure during the lockdown. To protect the downtrodden from the adverse effects of Coronavirus, GiveIndia has set up fundraising initiatives to secure the lives of millions in these troubled times.

GiveIndia launched two missions, Mission India Against Coronavirus and Mission Support COVID-19 Hit Families to support the underprivileged and vulnerable communities cope with the virus. The first mission aims at providing hygiene kits and basic provisions to poor families, abandoned elderlies, cancer patients etc. The second mission is to support the daily wage earners who have been stranded without a job and rendered homeless- with cash and ration support to feed their families and take care of other essentials like rent.

The worldwide crisis has become acute in India, where according to CNN, as of May 1st, “just over 2% of India’s 1.3 billion people have been fully immunized with one of two vaccines — significantly lower than the United States, where 29.8% of the population are fully immunized.” Hospitals are at capacity, 300,000 new cases are reported every day. There is an oxygen shortage.

Plenty of blame has gone around, from the Indian PM to the bad deals made under former President Trump. From what I understand, “patented vaccines” are an actual gate during this tragedy. It’s difficult to think of a better application of the term “blood money.” While we wait for the bad men in power to organize a resolution, we can do what we can as individuals.

For continued coverage, here are some sources. I learned about GiveIndia through the Instagram of American actress Janina Gavankar. I also saw Mortal Kombat actor Ludi Lin discussing this, so it’s always helpful to mind Asian and Asian-Americans online, especially South Asian in this instance.

India Times
Press Trust of India

And more orgs:

Khalsa Aid India

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