New K-Drama Alert! Twenty Five Twenty One

Let’s check out this new teaser for Twenty Five Twenty One, the K-drama I’ll be keeping an eye on.

As you can see, this is headlined by Kim Tae-ri, who I know from The Handmaiden but is also famous for Mr. Sunshine. In fact, the only thing I know about Mr. Sunshine is that image of her with a period rifle. Lookin’ good! But this is the first time it’s the behind-the-scenes personnel that’s claimed my attention, specifically the writer Kwon Do-eun, whose previous (and first) K-drama was Search: WWW, which I won’t shut up about and have more to talk about later.

The equally cumbersomely titled Twenty Five Twenty One looks to be similarly complex, with multiple timelines, and subject matter as diverse as Olympic fencing, news media, and the IMF?

I’ll be watching when this drops on Netflix, February 12.

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