01/17/2022 – That’s Messed Up, Seohyun

Look at this. Can you believe this?

Yeah, so this is a movie, and it’ll be out in a month. How I’ll be able to wait that long is anyone’s guess. I opened the Instagram app while the Yellowjackets season finale was paused and what was there to greet me? Seohyun’s latest post, this poster. It’s been over two hours now and I’m still shaking. That part at the end of the episode with Shauna and Jackie might be playing a part, also the incredible cold here in New England, but this is gonna distract me for a good long while.

I even spent time considering how I’d post about this on Twitter. Why do we do that? Post things on Twitter? Like anybody gives a shit — the followers I do have primarily came from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fandom, or they’re anime/video game nerds, and recently comics people. I think I have one or two mutuals who also fixate on K-stuff, but K-stuff like this? As a friend of mine noted on that eventual Twitter post, isn’t Korea supposed to be chaste?

What — Christ, I don’t know, man, I’m at a loss. It’s like a bad joke — “I like Girls’ Generation and I like femdom,” but I would never ask that those two things go together. That’s so greedy, not to mention perverted. So, what’s up? When people comment on Taeyeon’s IG posts like “step on me,” they’re just joshing, right? Am I not as alone as I think?

I mean, she’s stepping on that guy. She’s stepping on him.

Check out the teaser trailer:

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