My Red Velvet Spotify Playlist [Podcast]

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Well, everyone, it finally happened. A friend of mine said to me, “I’m trying to get into Red Velvet. What do you recommend?” Those are the most beautiful words under Heaven. It more than made my day; it answered with the sweep of catharsis a long-running anxiety I’ve had about the art of recommendation itself, that it’s been lost, that people don’t really mean it when they ask anymore because criticism and curation have been so thoroughly decentralized, but here she is: “What do you recommend?” And granted, it wasn’t phrased exactly like that. Uh, more so, a Red Velvet Spotify playlist came up for her at work and she didn’t get too into it, but knowing how much I love Red Velvet, she mentioned it to me off-hand. But she did ask a technical question, which is like leaving the door open just a crack. “How come there’s English in this music, is that a K-pop thing?”

And I said yes, while appending: If you ever need anything more tailored, just let me know. She then said, half-jokingly, that I’d have to make my own Spotify playlist and send it to her. So now if you read between the lines, this is someone who is screaming out for a recommendation. Now, I would compile a Spotify playlist and send it to her instantly and with gusto, but there’s one problem: I don’t have Spotify. And I know there’s a free trial, but I don’t know that I want to put my email into the system. It’s the last system in the world.

So instead, I’m gonna do something far from useful to her, but which also solves the problem of I haven’t posted an episode in two months and this is my last chance. Yes, this should be an episode about Apink for their 11th anniversary, but I want to give an Apink episode time and attention. Not to say that Red Velvet deserves less time and attention, but this is just a playlist. It is an introduction, and so, you dear listener, if you’re a longtime Reveluv, please let me know how you would approach this problem, provided you were ever similarly privileged by the enthusiastic desire for recommendation that my friend was so obviously overtaken by.

The Playlist
Rose Scent Breeze
Dumb Dumb” (Music Video)
I Just” (Music Video)
Ladies Night
Mr. E
Cool World” (Live)
Stupid Cupid
Psycho” (Music Video)
Feel My Rhythm” (Music Video)

Runtime: [00:55:19]

Further Reading

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