Coming soon, maybe on Delightful Tides, maybe elsewhere. As you’ve no doubt witnessed, that site’s been under construction, and there’s a good chance I don’t see that construction through and start over in frustration. In the meantime, here’s Pela, human hunter.

This is kind of like a weird superstition thing to me. I’m noting the word “Pela” starting to crop up as brand names — phone cases, compost (?) — and this is nearly ten years after I invented/found it on a list of names online. Yes, this is my OC do not steal, and I guess I just wanted to establish a paper trail. Weird, I know!

It’ll be a while before I can introduce the character and the story properly, but she’s very large and murderous and I can’t wait to get some pages out to you. Comic pages — if ever there’s a lull in updates here it’s because I’m trying to contrive a comic book with zero artistic ability. Fortunately, there’s a lot of great software out there, it’s just a matter of — goddamn, does it take a long time.

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