Those American Godzilla Movies [Podcast]

In this first or possibly third episode of an untitled podcast, we’re taking a look at four American kaiju flicks: Reptilian, Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2014), and Godzilla vs. Kong. What begins as a series of reviews devolves into a screed against modern Hollywood moviemaking. … More Those American Godzilla Movies [Podcast]

The 20-Year Marketing Legacy of “Training Day”

Filmmakers can be sensitive sometimes. David Fincher still won’t talk about Alien 3, a 25-year-old wound by the time he produced Mindhunter, co-starring Holt McCallany (from Alien 3). Maybe on the promotional circuit, McCallany mentions that he first worked with David on Alien 3, and the director has to sit by silently — we apply the Eisenstein montage to his blank face and imagine the inner turmoil. Once a film has been made, it’s printed onto public record, and may follow its filmmaker through their career. I understand via pop culture osmosis that Stephen King wants to be known for The Dark Tower, but everybody talks about The Stand instead. You may not get to choose, as budgets inflate and stakes raise and the realities of showbiz bear down on creative passersby. … More The 20-Year Marketing Legacy of “Training Day”