Those American Godzilla Movies [Podcast]

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In this first or possibly third episode of an untitled podcast, we’re taking a look at four American kaiju flicks: Reptilian, Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2014), and Godzilla vs. Kong. What begins as a series of reviews devolves into a screed against modern Hollywood moviemaking.

Viewing History

It’s awards season, so I have kept somewhat abreast of the buzziest humdingers, including deficient satire Don’t Look Up and Hollywood memoir Belfast. On the Asian side, there’s Assassination, with this guy:

Soon I’ll be checking out The Age of Shadows for another Korean triptych, with this guy:

And if it ends up being comparable, The Man Standing Next, with the original:


Keeping it light and tight for our very first news segment, let’s check in on some of our favorite K-stars, namely the recently-wed Park Shin-hye, and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation, who promises to dominate the charts.

On the Watchlist

The Sadness

One More Shot

Those American Godzilla Movies

Tonight’s feature is a combination of two previous posts, Masokaiju Tendencies: Those American Godzilla Movies and Those American Godzilla Movies Strike Again, both published in 2021. It’s embarrassing, but these movies get me a little heated.

Runtime: [01:22:02]

Music Selection
LP,” Red Velvet

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