Those American Godzilla Movies [Podcast]

In this first or possibly third episode of an untitled podcast, we’re taking a look at four American kaiju flicks: Reptilian, Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2014), and Godzilla vs. Kong. What begins as a series of reviews devolves into a screed against modern Hollywood moviemaking. … More Those American Godzilla Movies [Podcast]

Those American Godzilla Movies Strike Again

Who would’ve thought we’d make it to the year 2021? More that such a number could ever be real than those of us who’ve survived ought to ask this question. Because aside from the considerable turmoil of history in a perpetual state of climax, that number alone is the stuff of science-fiction. Blade Runner took place two years ago. Johnny Mnemonic takes place this year. I know that millions of Americans quit their jobs over the summer, including myself. I returned home to New England after six years in Los Angeles. A natural arc, we might say, but to me, 2021 is an afterlife. It’s too many years after the logical terminating point. We stopped seeing each other, stopped making physical contact; we have to process the world through literal filtration. It’s a world of screens and constant mediation. Even the movies don’t feel real. … More Those American Godzilla Movies Strike Again