State of the Podcast Address!

Bomi 2

And by that, I mean YouTube channel, but I’m used to saying “podcast.” I’d rather just shoot whatever I’m working on out there when it’s ready, but it seems these things are never ready. The October video is gonna be a goddamn cakewalk, but August and September (fka July and August) have been murder. The twin problems? My own writing creep and Disney. Goddamn Disney, moving Mulan around. Now it’s gonna premiere September 4th, on Disney+. After the abysmal failure of the video on The Departed (which has one big fan, so quality over quantity, for sure), I need some of that SEO. Gosh, and it’s not even gonna work, but I got to try something. I’m not used to viewcounts in the triple digits, double digits. I’m a quadruple digit YouTuber, goddamn it!

The previous plan was to do a Korean revenge video for August. Completed a draft last weekend, was on track to record next weekend. Now I got to switch back to the Mulan video, which is maybe three times longer and a mess in its current state. I watched movies months ago and have notes on them — I have to organize them into something reasonable real soon (watch them again?), because the problem is I’m gonna try to film myself speaking into the camera for the first time, and that’s gonna take time. I can’t capture that much copyrighted footage of the films themselves, not after, again, the debacle that was the previous video, which was taken down by YouTube so many times. I was sinking the apartment’s Internet uploading and re-uploading for a week.

But before I post that video about Mulan, which involves discussion of movies from mainland China, there are two big posts I need to make on the site first, about the Uyghur genocide currently ongoing. So that’s coming up soon, though I still have thoughts about the current K-pop scene, which is highly active in spite of the pandemic. Possibly serious writing, about Irene.

Sigh. Also, the podcast should be launching this month.


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