Bomi III

In case the last post needed context, and in case I needed more and further procrastination / littering this supposed WordPress with Tumblr content (R), graciously allow me to allow you a greater scope of Bbom, who is, I’m discovering, perhaps my favorite of all idols. At the very least, she is the most fun to watch do anything, as we’ll see. But first, if Bomi was so soft in “Only One,” she adopts a cool and fierce look for “I’m So Sick,” my current obsession. Have a look:

It’s just a still, but you can tell — that’s acting. It’s so controlled, and so understated. Having myself reluctantly appeared on camera for the YouTube channel, it’s real hard to control the face, and that’s the important bit.

Also some Sad Girl Bomi — a radical departure from the usual.

Bomi (left), her sweetheart Chorong (right). One of my favorite facts about Bomi is that she still lives with Chorong, and they exercise together and make breakfast. My heart — stop. If it’s even still a thing, my favorite K-pop ship is probably YoonYul, but this one is so beyond “shipping.” They’re sisters, and it’s so sweet. Perfect compliments: Chorong is kind of introverted, kind of quiet, but super confident. Bomi, as we’ll see, is off the walls. Perfect!

This is more Bomi’s speed, not that she can’t contain multitudes. The pink pigtail’d, three in from the left, that’s the exact image when I think about Bomi. As a note, this is a very unfortunate still for Hayoung, leftmost. Also Nauen, rightmost. Apologies!

And now we’re seeing her in level two candid K-pop public persona mode, with this reality TV show production. Let’s say music videos are level one — not at all candid — and livestreams are the most candid we’ll get from celebrities whose public image is measured in billions of won. Too cynical? Here we have that classic Koreans on a train tradition — eggs. She’s breaking one on her head.

Bomi loves traveling. Here, she’s doing a call-and-response with Naeun, shouting BOMI IS to which Naeun shouts back: “A cutey!” And it’s so loud and aggressive and sudden that even Eunji herself, master of loudness, flinched.

Excited Bomi, eyes darting around, looking for someone to share news with.

This is from Idol Tour, another reality TV thing, made to promote their latest album. The series is worth watching in full, because it’s so funny. Even the editing is perfect, and the group gets into all sorts of things on their travelogue. I especially love when Namjoo gets drunk on the wine.

Here, Bomi and Hayoung are sampling a local burger (American-style). Bomi’s is spicy, but since Hayoung was very hungry, she goes for the regular variety, twice. I just love the chemistry between these two.

Bomi and food is another great ship. She does this thing where she goes MMM and pushes her face in the direction of a camera — always performing, but it’s hardly counterfeit. Food is good!

Another of my favorite duos is Bomi and Naeun. They get pretty goofy together, and Naeun is typically decidedly anti-goof.

Bomi on the way to a venue in Jakarta.

And one last shot from “I’m So Sick,” where she’s second from right. Serious face Bomi.


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