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Rukhshana Media
Sharing Women Voices through Women Reporting
Twitter: @Rukshana Media | Website

Sahar Speaks
Nurturing Afghan female reporters.
Twitter: @Sahar_Speaks | Website

Rangina Hamidi
“The Afghani Education Minister Rangina Hamidi is refusing to leave her office after the Taliban take over of Afghanistan and Kabul. She is going about her business in a usual manner despite the other top officials and dignitaries leaving the country.”
Twitter: @hamidi_rangina

Omar Haidari
Human Rights Activist
Instagram: omar.haidari

The Afghan
“My homeland is not your business venture.”
Instagram: theafghan

Middle East Matters
Youth Organization
Instagram: middleeastmatters


Pres. Biden and Congress: Ensure Afghan women’s rights alongside peace with the Taliban
“My name is Nahid Fattahi and I know what’s it like to be marginalized and traumatized because of my gender. I am deeply worried that unless the global community comes together, the lives of so many women in Afghanistan will…

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