Love and Leashes Preview

So there’s two thoughts running concurrently when it comes to the upcoming Love and Leashes, that A) it’s probably not gonna check all the right boxes and B) but just enjoy it, please? No matter what happens, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s kind of like when whenever a new movie has a [minority identity] lead for the first time. I guess like Love, Simon, the all-too recent first Hollywood movie to be about a gay romance. Critics were bracing themselves, to the point where a common sentiment online was “let gay people have a crappy Hollywood romcom, too.”

If you watch the new trailer, you can see how goofy it’s gonna be, with that overactive score. That’s totally fine, I just don’t want it to be self-conscious — more than it ought to be. Of course, the characters themselves will feel awkward at first, but I suppose there’s a difference between how they view the practice in-universe and how the film views the practice in general. My prediction, here entered for the record, is that in the end they’ll learn they don’t need BDSM to have a proper relationship. I’d love to be proven wrong, but mostly, I don’t care. Clearly.

Check out the Official Trailer:

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