New K-Drama Alert! The Witch is Alive

From AsianWiki: “Three female friends, who come from totally different backgrounds, encounter enemies that they want to kill.”

I believe I’ve only alerted about two K-dramas so far, both of which seemed like surefire hits: Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Our Blues. I say “seemed like” because I have yet to see Our Blues, or any K-drama since Twenty-Five Twenty-One. It’s been an extensive recovery period in which I’ve completed two entire American series: Severance and We Own This City. Our Blues is a tall order after the heartbreak of Twenty-Five Twenty-One, so maybe it’s time for something radically different?

The Witch is Alive is the show that Lee Yu-ri cut her hair for, and what makes it unique for me is it’s one of those “first-sight purchases,” or whatever the real term is. The only reason I watched Twenty-Five Twenty-One is because it was the same team as Search: WWW, and the only reason I watched Search: WWW is because of Lee Da-hee. And all the K-dramas I’ve watched and all the ones I’ve loved, it’s never been the premise itself that hooked me. Or even the poster, but I got an eyeful of the one above (POV: being disposed of) and knew everything was gonna be alright.

And it’s television in general, really. With Severance, it was the critical acclaim, with We Own This City, the creative pedigree. The only show I can think of that sold me on the premise alone was Killing Eve. I didn’t know who Phoebe Waller-Bridge was, but finding out was quite the experience. Meanwhile, The Witch is Alive is written by Park Pa-ran and directed by Kim Yoon-cheol, and I haven’t seen their previous work.

Gong Ma-Ri (Lee Yu-Ri) is a housewife and she has a satisfying life with her husband and daughter. She learns that her husband is having an affair. Gong Ma-Ri seeks an alternative method to end her marriage. Chae Hee-Soo (Lee Min-Young) is a daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. Her marriage life is not going very well. One day, her mother-in-law gives her a terrifying, but tempting offer. Yang Jin-A’s (Yoon So-Yi) husband is not a good person. Her husband’s death leads her to collect large amount of money from his life insurance policy.


Based on what we have here, it sounds like a loose, unlicensed remake of Why Women Kill, which took a mainstream but surprisingly convoluted approach to the taboo of murderous women (housewives mostly). I’ll watch anything with murderous women, but I get pretty sensy about how it’s done. It’s a radical notion for some, but not me, which could lead to a sort of self-satisfaction that I loathe in TV shows by Robert and Michelle King, for example. “Look at how crazy we’re being!” Other than that, I have no preconceived notions — tone? Genre? Violence?

The Witch is Alive premieres June 25th, but this looks like another Work Later, Drink Now in terms of stateside release. I’ll see it when I see it?

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