The Return to Planet X

Long, long before The Battle Beyond Planet X met its frothing, pitiable demise, I had in mind the title for its sequel: Return to Planet X. Sounds more like a command than a title, but it was never implemented regardless. The Battle Beyond Planet X is a podcast I did about science-fiction movies, and because it was just me, it became uncomfortably autobiographical and later, aged. It had about four listeners, but one of them was the much-vaunted Donovan Morgan Grant, and together we do the podcast Questions: We Don’t Have Answers. We also talked about Seohyun-starrer and BDSM romcom Love and Leashes as well as American kung fu movies.

Allow me a moment of self-indulgence, if you will. Following The Battle Beyond Planet X, I reached out to a friend to do a new podcast, Bagels After Midnight, because I had a lot to say about the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But like a lot of people, this friend hadn’t seen the show, so I went solo and on YouTube. After that, I tried another YouTube channel, With Eyes East, and that floundered.

I provide this scintillating history because what I’m beginning to realize is that I go one at a time. When I was talking about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I couldn’t talk about scifi, and now with Asian cinema, I can’t talk about scifi, either. But scifi will always be with me – I identified with that genre long before I ever reconciled my Korean heritage. So much to say I think I’m gonna start posting scifi-related things on the old The Battle Beyond Planet X blog, which is just sitting there. Chiefly, it was the coverage of the new Predator movie I sense coming down the pike. That has no business here, but if you’re into Predator like I am, keep an eye out. And what better way to kick things off than with a post about Alien 3? That’s – I don’t know, that’s how my mind works.

Hopefully I can keep non-Asia stuff out of here, though if it’s something Asian and science-fiction, it’ll go here. Ghost in the Shell is spooling up again in my heart, and I’m excited to revisit Stand Alone Complex with the aim of – this time – understanding it.

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