Rewaking into Dream: The Matrix Resurrections [Podcast]

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After a second viewing of The Matrix Resurrections, special guest host Stella and I attempt to piece our feelings together. It’s a complicated story, isn’t it? A movie that shouldn’t exist but is entertaining. A good movie but maybe a bad sequel. An action movie with questionable action scenes? And this is assuming we understood it at all, which is very much up to debate.

In the episode, I struggled to make a point about how freeing all human minds from the Matrix is incompatible with the Matrix story, and I may have the analogy now. It isn’t the same question as “How do we blow up the Death Star?” but rather “How do we restore Luke’s innocence so he can return to Tatooine?” It just isn’t what the story is about, but hey, maybe this is how my addled brain rationalizes the enslavement of humankind by machine overlords.

Runtime: [41:46]

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